Over the years, we have been blessed to have a lot of volunteers help keep Friends of NICU running. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible so every opportunity we get, we want to make sure to thank them.

Our annual fundraiser is coming up again in November of this year, the 8th consecutive Celebration of Miracles! Right after that fundraiser, we are often are asked,”We want to help, what can we do?” That compelled me to share two stories of incredible people who took matters into their own hands, in different ways, with similar results- they helped raise money for Friends of NICU.

Mat Thomas is an avid beer brewer. Next to his family, it’s the one thing he loves the most in life. A very close second is coaching baseball and soccer with me! For the last few years, Mat and his friends have generously hosted annual brew fest where folks from the neighborhood come over to his house to taste all the different beers he and his friends have brewed. As you can imagine, the event has been a success since inception. So, before this year’s event, Mat came to us and said,”Look, all these people come to our house and drink this amazing hand-crafted beer for free- what if we put a donation box right next to the kegs to raise money for Friends of NICU?” Without hesitation we said YES! Mat put a small collection box next to the kegs, secured with lock and key. Opening the box a few days later was amazing….cash and checks came popping out to the tune of more than $600!! Thank you Mat and team for an amazing event and for thinking of Friends of NICU!!

The second story comes from someone who has been a loyal supporter for years. We met John Leonardi during soccer season a few years ago and people have said that Tim and John look like brothers. Poor John – to think that people think you look like Tim….Anyway…John has sponsored previous Friends of NICU events and has been there for us every step of the way. John called us a few months ago and said, “Hey, I am getting ready to sell this house and I would like for part of my commission to go to Friends of NICU.” The first thing that went through our minds was, “That’s awesome!” and the second was, “Oh please let it be a $10 million home!” John stopped by a few weeks later with a check for $250 – a promise he had made a month prior and a promise he upheld. Thank you John and Leonardi Real Estate for your help!

It is important to know that EVERY penny raised through activities (such as the ones we just showcased), go directly towards families in need. Just another reason why our volunteers are the most important part of Friends of NICU.