Our mission is simple: help families with sick babies in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) spend more time with their babies.

NICUs aren’t a staple of every hospital and often times families travel hundreds of miles to their respective NICU. Spending time with their babies is essential: studies have shown that the more time parents spend with their NICU babies, the quicker they recover and the quicker they get to go home. Our goal is to help families in need with gas cards, food vouchers and hotel vouchers so that they can spend more time with their sick babies.

We are 501 C 3 approved non-profit organization and only help families – we do NOT give money to hospitals, medical clinics or any other health related institutions. We are simply a means of families helping other families. We do not receive any grants or government related funds: we completely rely on the generous donations from individuals and sponsors.

The success of our foundation lies with the number of great volunteers who donate their time and energy to help. Most of our volunteers didn’t go through a NICU experience but they feel a need, a calling, to give to those who are in need.

Imagine if you will…your baby is sick and you can’t visit her because you don’t have enough money to put gas in your car… To us, that’s unacceptable so we are doing something to help. Please help us give more- donate today and help a family bond with their baby on their road to recovery.